Christina Applegate Calls Out Candice Owens After ‘Daily Wire’ Host Says Idea Behind Underwear Ad Featuring Woman In Wheelchair Is “Ridiculous”

Actress Christina Applegate has taken to Twitter to express her disappointment at conservative commentator Candice Owens' comments about Skims' Adaptive Scoop Bralette ad, which features a woman in a wheelchair.

Owens questioned the advertisement's idea during her Tuesday show on The Daily Caller. She called it "ridiculous," and said that she didn't understand the need for such an ad. Her comments sparked outrage among disability rights activists and advocates.

Late last night, Christina Applegate responded to Owen's statements on Twitter, calling them horrifying. The actress, who announced in 2021 that she has multiple sclerosis, expressed her support for the message behind the promotion.

"I find your ignorance disgusting @RealCandaceO," Applegate tweeted. "The idea behind this ad is inclusive and progressive. As someone with MS I’m grateful for companies like @skims stepping up to make clothing accessible."

Skims' Adaptive Scoop Bralette ad aims to promote inclusivity by showcasing models of different shapes, sizes and abilities wearing their products.

Applegate's response has garnered significant support across social media platforms with many echoing her sentiments while criticizing Owens’ insensitive remarks about disabled individuals.

In conclusion, despite Candice Owens’ critical remarks towards Skims’ Adaptive Scoop Bralette’s latest advertisement featuring a woman in a wheelchair being labeled as “ridiculous,” Actress Christina Applegate stands firm in supporting an inclusive society that embraces individuals of all shapes and sizes - including those living with disabilities.