Christina Applegate Calls Out Candice Owens for Disparaging Underwear Ad Featuring Woman in Wheelchair

Actress Christina Applegate took to Twitter on Wednesday to condemn conservative commentator Candice Owens over her recent remarks regarding a Skims underwear ad featuring a woman in a wheelchair.

Owens, who hosts a show on The Daily Wire, called the idea behind the advertisement "ridiculous" during Tuesday's broadcast of her program. However, Applegate was quick to call out Owens' insensitive comments and express her disappointment.

Late last night, the actor tweeted: "I'm sorry but @RealCandaceO what is wrong with you? Are you actually questioning whether it's appropriate for someone with a disability to model?"

Applegate also shared that she has multiple sclerosis and described Owen's comments as "horrifying". She went on to emphasize the importance of representation for people with disabilities.

The Skims Adaptive Scoop Bralette ad features several women modeling various sizes of bralettes that are designed for people with disabilities or limited mobility. Among them is one woman in a wheelchair who appears confident and comfortable while wearing the product.

Many social media users joined Applegate in condemning Owens' remarks and praised Applegate for speaking out. Some pointed out that disabled individuals have historically been underrepresented and often excluded from fashion advertisements, making this particular campaign all the more groundbreaking.

As of publication time, neither Skims nor Candice Owens have responded publicly to Christina Applegate’s tweet or addressed concerns about inclusivity raised by many online users.