Wendy's Offers McDonald's Fans a Chance to Relive their Favorite Snack Wraps

Fast-food chain Wendy's is offering a chance for fans of McDonald's popular "Snack Wraps" to relive the experience at its outlets. The move comes after McDonald's discontinued the fan-favorite item last year, leaving many customers disappointed.

Starting from next week, Wendy’s will add Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich wraps to its menu. The two new additions are expected to be similar in taste and texture as that of McDonald’s wraps.

"We know fans loved our Grilled Chicken Wrap - but now it’s time to spice things up," said Carl Loredo, Vice President of Marketing at Wendy’s. "We heard customers loud and clear, so we’re excited to give them all they’ve asked for."

Wendy's has been known for taking on rivals with bold marketing campaigns in recent years and this move is no different. With this new addition, the fast-food chain hopes to entice former loyalists of McDonald’s snack wrap back into their stores.

"The competition between these two fast-food giants has always been fierce," said restaurant industry analyst Mark Hamrick. "This could be another chapter in that battle as both chains look for ways to stand out amid intense competition."

The new chicken wraps will be available starting from next Monday across all US locations. Customers can order them through drive-thru or delivery services using mobile apps or websites.

"We hope our loyal customers enjoy these limited-time offers while they last," added Loredo.