5 Boys Rescued from Staten Island's Sewer System by Firefighters

A group of five boys had to be rescued from the sewer system in Staten Island after they crawled into a tunnel and got lost. The incident occurred yesterday afternoon, and several firefighters were called to the scene to locate the missing children.

The 911 call made by one of the boy's mothers was released, capturing their screams for help as they were trapped beneath several manholes. "We can't find our way out," one boy is heard saying. "Please hurry."

The firefighters immediately began searching for the boys underground, using various tools to navigate through the maze-like tunnels. It took them over an hour to locate all five boys and bring them safely back up to ground level.

Thankfully, none of the children suffered any injuries during their ordeal. They were checked over by medical professionals at the scene before being reunited with their families.

According to reports from local authorities, these types of incidents are becoming increasingly common on Staten Island as more kids explore its sewer system as a form of adventure or daredevilry.

This recent incident serves as a reminder that such activities can be extremely dangerous and puts not only themselves but also emergency responders at risk when they have to rescue them. Local authorities urge parents and guardians alike always to monitor where their children are playing – especially in areas like this where it could lead them into danger.

For now, all five adventurous boys involved in this incident are safe thanks to quick-thinking first responders who worked tirelessly until they found each child – providing yet another example of how vital it is always ready for action when disaster strikes or people need help most urgently!