Aaron Sorkin reveals recent stroke diagnosis to inspire smokers to quit: Symptoms to know

Award-winning screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin, best known for his work on "The West Wing," "The Social Network," and "Camelot," has gone public with his recent stroke diagnosis. In an effort to bring awareness about the serious health risks associated with smoking, Sorkin revealed that he has quit smoking after years of tobacco use.

Sorkin's decision comes after he suffered a stroke - a medical emergency caused by interrupted blood supply to parts of the brain - which is commonly associated with cigarette smoking. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), smokers are twice as likely as non-smokers to have a stroke.

In light of this news, health experts are urging individuals who smoke or use other tobacco products to take note of their symptoms and seek immediate medical attention if they experience any warning signs. The symptoms include sudden numbness or weakness in the face, arms or legs; difficulty speaking or understanding speech; vision problems in one or both eyes; dizziness; loss of balance or coordination; and severe headache without an apparent cause.

Sorkin's message serves as a reminder that quitting smoking can significantly reduce the risk of developing life-threatening conditions such as strokes and heart attacks. According to data from AHA, smoking cessation can lower your risk for these diseases within weeks-to-months' time.

In conclusion, it takes courage for someone like Aaron Sorkin, who is widely respected in Hollywood circles, with over 30 years experience in film making industry under his belt since debuting in 1989 with When Harry Met Sally...,to come out publicly about such personal struggles especially when it involves something as stigmatized yet preventable as cigarette addiction. His story should serve not just as inspiration but also motivation for anyone looking for reasons why they need give up on their own unhealthy habits before it's too late.