Five Boys Rescued from Staten Island's Sewer System by Firefighters

Late Tuesday afternoon, firefighters in Staten Island came to the rescue of five adventurous boys who got lost in the sewer system after crawling into a tunnel. The audio recording released by 911 captures the screams for help from the boys as several firefighters attempted to locate them beneath several manholes.

According to reports, it was a group of teenagers that first noticed something unusual happening near their neighborhood. They saw five young boys crawling through an open manhole and disappearing into the darkness. Realizing that something was not right, they quickly called 911.

The fire department received a call at around 4:30 p.m., and immediately dispatched several units to search for the missing boys. After some time searching through various tunnels, they finally located them crying out for help.

It is believed that these young children were playing when they found an open manhole and decided to explore what lay underneath its cover. Without realizing how deep or dangerous it could be, they crawled into a nearby tunnel only to find themselves trapped inside with no way out.

The firefighters worked tirelessly using ropes and ladders to reach these kids who were scared and frightened being stuck underground without any assistance. Finally, after more than two hours of struggle, all five children were safely rescued one by one from different sewers connected together under Staten Island's streets.

Thankfully none of them suffered any serious injuries; however, all of them had minor cuts and bruises on their bodies due to their long crawl through rough terrain while trying hard not get lost in this intricate network of pipes below ground level.

As always we remind everyone about safety measures while exploring such areas where danger may lurk behind every corner!