Laura Ingraham accuses Biden administration of selling out to China

On the latest episode of "The Ingraham Angle," renowned conservative commentator Laura Ingraham slammed the Biden administration for its alleged inaction against China's data-mining efforts through TikTok. According to Ingraham, the current government is doing nothing to push back against Beijing and is instead putting American interests on the line.

"The Biden admin is selling out its own country to China," remarked Ingraham during her show. She accused the administration of being too soft on China and allowing them to continue their aggressive tactics without any consequences.

In particular, she pointed out that TikTok has been collecting vast amounts of user data that could be used for nefarious purposes by Beijing. This includes information about users' location, browsing history, contacts, and even facial recognition data. Despite this knowledge, however, she claimed that the US government has done nothing substantial to stop it.

"We need a president who will stand up for our interests and protect our citizens from foreign threats like these," continued Ingraham. "But unfortunately we have someone who seems more interested in appeasing his Chinese counterparts than standing up for America."

The issue of TikTok's connection with China has been a contentious one ever since former President Donald Trump first raised concerns about it in 2020. The company was eventually given an ultimatum: sell off its US operations or face a ban from operating within American borders altogether.

While this move appeared successful at first glance - with Oracle taking over as TikTok's new US partner - many experts have warned that not much has changed behind-the-scenes in terms of data collection practices.

As such, figures like Laura Ingraham have continued to call attention to what they view as an ongoing threat from Chinese tech companies like TikTok. They argue that more needs to be done by lawmakers and policymakers alike if America is to prevent another potential data breach that could put its citizens' security at risk.