Markquis Nowell Earns 'Mr. New York City' Title with Record-Breaking Game at Madison Square Garden

Kansas State's star player, Markquis Nowell, has earned the moniker 'Mr. New York City' after a historic game at Madison Square Garden on Thursday.

Nowell dominated in a March Madness matchup that will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most impressive performances ever seen on the court.

The Kansas State player set new records and led his team to an incredible victory over their opponents, leaving fans and analysts alike stunned by his talent and skill.

Speaking about his performance after the game, Nowell said: "I knew I had to show up today. This is my city, this is where I come from. I wanted to make sure everyone knows who Mr. New York City is."

And it's clear that he accomplished just that with his record-breaking performance at one of the most iconic basketball arenas in the world.

Nowell's dominance on Thursday has solidified his reputation as one of college basketball's top players and has left fans eagerly anticipating what he will do next.

With March Madness heating up and more games still ahead for Kansas State, it seems likely that we will continue to see incredible performances from 'Mr. New York City' himself in the coming weeks.

As for Nowell, he remains focused on leading his team to victory: "We're not done yet," he said. "This was just one step towards our ultimate goal."