Memphis Guard Jamirah Shutes Charged with Assault for Allegedly Punching BGSU's Elissa Brett in Handshake Line

The BGSU Police Department announced on Friday that Memphis guard Jamirah Shutes has been charged with assault following an incident during a game against the Falcons.

According to witnesses, after the game ended and both teams were lining up to shake hands, Shutes punched BGSU player Elissa Brett in the face. The punch reportedly left Brett with a broken nose and several facial fractures.

Brett was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment while campus police immediately took action and arrested Shutes. She was later released on bail pending further investigation.

In response to the incident, BGSU coach Jennie Baranczyk issued a statement expressing concern for her player's health and safety. "We take this matter very seriously," she said. "Our first priority is ensuring that Elissa receives appropriate medical care and support."

Meanwhile, Memphis head coach Melissa McFerrin also released a statement condemning any form of violence on or off the court. "We are aware of the allegations made against one of our players," she said. "We will continue to cooperate fully with authorities as they investigate this situation."

Shutes' future status with the team remains unclear at this time as university officials have yet to comment on whether any disciplinary action will be taken.

This latest incident underscores once again how important it is for athletes at all levels to respect each other both on and off the playing field. As investigations continue into what happened during that handshake line, we can only hope that everyone involved learns from this experience so that similar incidents may be avoided in future games.