Michigan State and Kansas State Advance to Overtime Tied at 82-82 in Sweet 16 of NCAA Tournament

In an intense battle for a spot in the Elite Eight, Michigan State and Kansas State are headed into overtime tied at 82-82. The two teams have been evenly matched throughout the game, with both sides showing impressive offensive plays.

Michigan State's star player Cassius Winston led his team with an impressive performance, scoring a total of 21 points so far. On the other hand, Kansas State's Xavier Sneed also had an outstanding game with a total of 22 points.

Both teams have played hard on defense as well, causing turnovers and making it difficult for their opponents to score. With only five minutes left on the clock in regulation time, it seemed like Kansas State might pull away with a victory when they were up by six points. However, Michigan State fought back and managed to tie the game up before time expired.

Fans across America are eagerly tuning in to watch this thrilling match-up between two top-tier college basketball programs. The winner will advance to face either Duke or Virginia Tech in the Elite Eight round of March Madness.

For those not able to catch the game live on TV or streaming platforms, be sure to stay tuned for further updates on this exciting showdown between Michigan State and Kansas state as they fight for their chance at championship glory!