President Biden Visits Canada to Tackle World Challenges

President Joe Biden arrived in Canada on Thursday for his first foreign trip as president. The visit aims to address some of the world's most pressing issues, including the war in Ukraine, climate change, and migration.

CBS News correspondent Christina Ruffini joined John Dickerson on Prime Time to discuss the agenda of the highly anticipated visit. Ruffini highlighted that Biden's meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will focus on efforts to strengthen economic ties between both nations amid an ongoing pandemic.

Ruffini also pointed out that "climate change and energy cooperation" will be high on the agenda during discussions between both leaders. This comes after Biden signed a series of executive orders aimed at combating climate change within his first few days in office.

Moreover, President Biden is expected to address concerns regarding migration policies along with U.S-Canada border restrictions due to COVID-19 protocols. The White House has stated that it hopes for a "productive discussion" between both leaders regarding these matters.

While addressing reporters before departing from Washington D.C., President Joe Biden stated: "We're going to make it clear that we believe in our alliances and we believe NATO is critically important." The statement emphasizes the significance placed on strengthening international relationships amidst rising global tensions.

The two-day visit serves as a crucial opportunity for President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to work towards resolving significant global challenges while reaffirming their commitment towards strong bilateral relations.