"Up Here" Review: A Magical Broadway-Inspired Romantic Comedy

Hulu's latest series, "Up Here," is like a breath of fresh air in the world of romantic comedies. With a neurotypical twist and an infusion of Broadway magic, the show manages to stand out from the crowd.

The story follows Chris, played by newcomer Rufus Jones, who falls for an eccentric woman named Annie (played by comedian and actress Zoe Kazan). The two have an instant connection but soon realize that their different personalities may pose a challenge to their relationship.

What sets "Up Here" apart is its use of musical numbers inspired by Broadway classics. From tap dancing to soaring ballads, each episode features at least one song that adds depth and emotion to the plot. Composer Mark Hollmann ("Urinetown") brings his expertise in creating catchy show tunes to elevate the already strong script.

Jones' portrayal of Chris as a neurodivergent man navigating love and life is both authentic and heartwarming. Kazan shines as Annie with her quirky charm and impeccable comedic timing. The chemistry between the two leads is undeniable, making it easy for viewers to root for them throughout each obstacle they face.

Overall, "Up Here" delivers on its promise of being a fresh take on the romantic comedy genre. It's charming, funny, emotional - all while incorporating elements typically reserved for stage productions. If you're looking for something different yet still satisfyingly sweet, give this new Hulu series a chance.

As composer Mark Hollmann says about his work on "Up Here," “I’m always trying to surprise myself with what I write next." This sentiment rings true throughout every aspect of this delightful show.