Afroman to Counter-Sue After Being Sued by Home Raiding Police

Afroman, the American rapper and musician who rose to fame with his hit single "Because I Got High," is preparing to counter-sue after he was sued by the Cincinnati police over an incident that took place in August.

The lawsuit filed against Afroman accuses him of acting maliciously for having exploited surveillance clippings of cops who searched his house on the basis of probable cause which they have not been able to substantiate. However, Afroman has been speaking up in the midst of his continuing legal battle with Cincinnati police.

In response to the lawsuit, Afroman stated, "I'm going to sue them back. They came into my home without any real cause and violated my rights. They also tried to intimidate me and use their power against me."

Afroman claims that he was targeted by Cincinnati police due to his race and profile as a successful musician. He believes that they were trying to find something incriminating about him but found nothing.

"I believe that this is a clear case of racial profiling," said Afroman. "They saw a successful black man living in a nice neighborhood and thought there must be something wrong with him."

Despite facing legal trouble, Afroman remains optimistic about the outcome of his case. He hopes that justice will prevail and that he will be able to continue making music without any further interference from law enforcement.

This story is ongoing, and we will continue following it as it develops.