Branch Davidian Pastor Says Trump Is Making A ‘Statement’ With Waco Rally

David Koresh, the former leader of the controversial religious group Branch Davidians, died in a fiery siege with federal agents in Waco, Texas in 1993. Now, more than 27 years later, President Donald Trump will host a rally just miles from where the tragedy occurred.

This has not gone unnoticed by Clive Doyle, a current pastor and member of the remaining Branch Davidian community. In a recent interview with CNN, Doyle claimed that Trump's decision to hold his rally so close to their compound is "making a statement."

"It implies that he supports our cause," said Doyle. "We are against government oppression and control over people's lives. And we believe that President Trump is also against those things."

The standoff between federal agents and Koresh's followers began when authorities attempted to serve search warrants on their compound for suspected weapons violations. During the ensuing confrontation, four agents were killed along with six Branch Davidians. After an extended siege lasting 51 days and multiple failed negotiations attempts – including one led by then-future Attorney General Janet Reno – FBI tanks stormed into the building and set fire to it.

Doyle survived the attack but lost his daughter in it along with many other members of his community. He now leads services at what remains of their complex near Elk,Texas.

Trump’s upcoming rally has stirred up painful memories for many who lived through this period of intense conflict between anti-government groups like theirs and authorities.

However Doyle sees some hope in this latest development – he believes that it could be an opportunity for dialogue between their group and those who might share similar views on government power as them.

"Maybe this can lead to some kind of conversation about how we can move forward together," said Doyle."I think there are more people out there who feel like us than you might realize."

As political tensions continue to rise in America, it remains unclear whether this meeting between Trump and the Branch Davidians will be a turning point or just another footnote in their storied history.