Bully Ray Cheats His Way To Win Over Tommy Dreamer at Impact Sacrifice, Scott D’Amore Returns

In a shocking turn of events at the Impact Wrestling pay-per-view event Sacrifice on Saturday night, Bully Ray defeated Tommy Dreamer in a Busted Open match with help from his henchmen. However, the crowd was left stunned as Scott D'Amore made his return to confront Bully Ray after the match.

The highly anticipated match between two legendary wrestlers turned out to be an intense affair with both competitors giving their all. However, things took a nasty turn when Bully Ray resorted to dirty tactics and brought in his stooges to gain an unfair advantage over Dreamer.

Despite being outnumbered, Dreamer put up a valiant effort but ultimately fell short as Bully Ray secured the victory through deceitful means. The crowd was left disappointed as they witnessed one of their favorites being cheated out of a hard-fought win.

However, just when it seemed like there was no hope for justice, Scott D'Amore made his way down to the ring and confronted Bully Ray. The former Vice President of Creative Affairs for Impact Wrestling announced that he had returned to take control and ensure that justice is served in every match.

D'Amore's return added another layer of excitement and intrigue to the already heated rivalry between Bully Ray and Dreamer. Fans are eagerly waiting for what promises to be an explosive showdown between these two legends under fair conditions.

In conclusion, while fans may have been left disappointed by the outcome of this particular match at Sacrifice PPV event on Saturday night where Bullu ray used cheap tricks against Tommy dreamer , they were thrilled by Scott D'Amore's unexpected return which promises bigger things ahead in future matches!