Career Expert Advises Employees to Address 'Quiet Firing' Concerns with Employers

As companies across the world continue to navigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are facing a new challenge: "quiet firing." This term refers to a situation where an employee feels like they're being pushed out of their job without any formal communication from their employer.

To address these concerns, career experts advise employees to speak up and communicate with their bosses. According to one expert, documenting specific examples of behavior that make an employee feel like they're being quietly fired can be helpful in facilitating this conversation.

"Employees need to be proactive and vocal about their concerns," said Jane Smith, a career coach based in New York City. "If you think you're being pushed out of your job, don't wait for your employer to approach you. Take the initiative and ask for a meeting."

During this meeting, Smith recommends that employees present specific examples of behavior or actions by colleagues or managers that have made them feel sidelined or excluded from important projects. This documentation can help provide clarity on what's going on and open up channels for discussion between both parties.

Smith also advises employees not to jump immediately into accusations or confrontational language during these conversations but instead keep an open mind and try to understand where their boss is coming from.

"In some cases, quiet firing might be due to budget cuts or restructuring rather than personal issues," she added. "It's important not only to voice your own concerns but also listen carefully when your employer shares theirs."

By taking these steps early on, workers will have greater control over their professional future and may even be able to save their jobs before it's too late.