Ethics Committee Rebukes Sen. Lindsey Graham for Collecting Contributions at Capitol

The Ethics Committee of the Senate issued a public notice on Thursday, rebuking Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina for violating Senate regulations by collecting campaign donations in the Capitol.

During a media appearance, Sen. Graham requested campaign contributions five times within a Capitol office property, which led to the committee's decision to issue its report.

According to the report, Sen. Graham was soliciting funds for Herschel Walker's candidacy during his interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on January 6th. The committee found that such conduct breached Rule 42 and "brought discredit upon the Senate."

Rule 42 prohibits Senators from seeking or accepting any contribution in any federal building or on federal property under their jurisdiction.

Sen. Graham has been publicly reprimanded by the bipartisan committee and advised against similar actions in future.

In response to this rebuke, Sen. Graham released a statement apologizing for his actions and acknowledging that he had made an error in judgment.

"I appreciate the prompt attention given by the Ethics Committee regarding my January 6th interview," said Sen. Graham in his statement."I take responsibility for what I said during that interview and have apologized."

The Ethics Committee also recommended further education and training be offered to all Senators about ethical behavior and regulations related to fundraising activities while serving as elected officials.

This incident highlights once again how important it is for lawmakers to adhere strictly to ethical principles when performing their duties as elected officials in order not only maintain trust with voters but also respect laws governing ethical conduct while serving as senators or representatives of their constituencies across America.