Ethics Committee Rebukes Sen. Lindsey Graham for Collecting Contributions in the Capitol

The Senate Ethics Committee rebuked Senator Lindsey Graham on Thursday for violating Senate regulations by requesting campaign donations during a media appearance in a Capitol office property. The Republican Senator from South Carolina was chastised for collecting funds for Herschel Walker’s candidacy five times during the interview.

The two-party committee issued a public notice criticizing Graham's actions, stating that they were "inconsistent with the Committee's guidance on Senators soliciting campaign contributions in federal buildings." The Ethics Committee also reminded all Senators of their obligation to maintain high ethical standards and avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

Graham's actions have raised concerns about political fundraising taking place within government buildings, which is prohibited by law. This incident marks the second time that he has been reprimanded by the Ethics Committee; he was previously criticized in 2018 for his handling of sexual assault allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

In response to the committee's rebuke, Graham acknowledged his mistake and apologized. He stated that he had not intended to violate any rules or guidelines and would make efforts to ensure it would not happen again.

This latest development comes as Congress faces increasing scrutiny over ethics violations among its members. Last month, Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Tom Reed (R-NY) announced they will not seek re-election following accusations of sexual misconduct and harassment respectively.

As lawmakers work towards restoring trust with their constituents, incidents like this serve as reminders that accountability is necessary at all levels of government. It remains to be seen what further action may be taken against Senator Graham, but today's rebuke serves as a clear message from the Ethics Committee: there are no exceptions when it comes to upholding ethical standards within Congress.