Minnesota Natural Resources Trust Fund in Danger of Expiring

Renowned columnist John Myers has called for immediate action to renew the Minnesota Natural Resources Trust Fund. The trust fund, established in 1988, is dedicated to safeguarding the state's natural resources and preserving its wildlife habitats.

Myers has written that lawmakers must act now to put a constitutional question on the 2024 election ballot, or else the trust fund will expire. This would jeopardize funding for essential conservation efforts and could have serious long-term consequences for Minnesota's environment.

The trust fund receives revenue from lottery ticket sales and investments, which are used to support a wide range of projects related to natural resource management. These include restoring wetlands, improving water quality, protecting endangered species, and enhancing public access to recreational areas.

However, without decisive action by lawmakers within the next few years, this vital source of funding will be lost forever. Myers argues that it is time for citizens across Minnesota to come together and demand that our elected officials take action before it's too late.

In his column published today in local newspapers across the state, Myers writes: "If we fail to act now- if we let this critical funding stream dry up- then we are effectively turning our backs on future generations who deserve clean waterways, healthy forests and abundant wildlife."

He goes on further urging constituents across political affiliations should come together with one goal - securing renewal of this crucial resource trust fund as soon as possible.

The clock is ticking; only time will tell whether lawmakers heed these calls before it's too late.