Mississippi Tornadoes Kill 23, Injure Dozens Overnight

Powerful tornadoes ripped through the Deep South on Friday night, leaving a trail of destruction and death in their wake. At least 23 people have been reported dead as a result of the storm, with dozens more injured.

The hardest-hit area was a rural town in Mississippi that saw entire buildings obliterated by the force of the winds. The mayor of the town made an emotional statement to reporters, saying "My city is gone."

Officials are still assessing the damage across multiple states affected by these devastating storms. Emergency responders have been working around-the-clock to rescue survivors from collapsed structures and provide medical care to those who were injured.

Residents who were fortunate enough to make it through unscathed are now facing an uncertain future as they try to rebuild their homes and businesses from scratch. Many will be relying on help from government agencies, charities and volunteers in order to recover from this disaster.

President Biden has already declared a state of emergency for Mississippi due to this tragedy. He expressed his condolences for those affected while pledging federal assistance for recovery efforts.

As authorities continue their investigation into these deadly tornadoes, communities throughout the region remain united in support for one another during this difficult time.