Protests Erupt Outside New York City Courthouse — Not for Trump but for "Joker"

New York City, USA - Protesters gathered outside the Brooklyn Supreme Court on Wednesday not to rally against President Donald Trump's legal woes, but rather to demonstrate their opposition to the filming of the upcoming movie "Joker".

The film, starring Joaquin Phoenix as a pre-villainous Joker character, has been shooting in various locations around New York City. However, crews have been facing the possibility that filming could be disrupted by real-life protests over the Trump case.

The protesters were seen holding signs with slogans like "Ban The Joker" and "Say No To Hollywood Propaganda". Some were dressed up as Batman or Harley Quinn – characters from DC Comics who are often portrayed as adversaries of Joker.

One protester named John said he was worried about how the movie would portray mental illness. "We don't need another movie that glorifies violence and villainy," he said. "Especially when it comes at the expense of those struggling with mental health issues."

Despite some vocal opposition from members of the public, actors and crew members have continued filming without incident so far. Warner Bros., which is producing the film, declined to comment on Wednesday's protest.

The controversy surrounding Joker comes amid concerns over violent rhetoric in American politics following recent mass shootings in Ohio and Texas. Some critics have suggested that movies like Joker could encourage copycat acts of violence.

However, others argue that such concerns are unfounded and amount to censorship. The director Todd Phillips defended his film earlier this week saying: “It’s not a political film; it’s just a character study.”

As tensions continue to simmer between supporters and detractors of films like Joker, it remains unclear whether protests will escalate or fizzle out completely. One thing is certain – both sides will be watching closely as events unfold at courthouses across America in coming weeks.