Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Cops on Heckler With Whistle During Press Conference

On Friday evening, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) called 911 on a protester who was blowing a whistle during her press conference outside the D.C. jail where Jan. 6 defendants are being held behind bars.

According to The Daily Beast, the noise seemed to come entirely from a single demonstrator wearing a mask and glasses, but in response, Representative Greene claimed that there were "paid protesters" present at the event and that they "assaulted everyone" with their noise.

"And they can whistle and say everything they want but we will not be deterred," said Representative Greene in her address to reporters. "We do not care about them because they work for evil."

The MAGA firebrand also tweeted that the protester needs to be arrested and that her office had tried to have him arrested during the incident.

It is unclear whether or not any arrests were made following this incident.

This is just one of many controversial incidents involving Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene in recent months. She has been known for making inflammatory remarks regarding various topics such as QAnon conspiracy theories, school shootings, and COVID-19 vaccines.

As an elected official representing Georgia's 14th congressional district, it remains to be seen what actions will be taken regarding this latest incident involving Greene's confrontation with protesters at her press conference.