The Best Places to Spend Your Cryptocurrency These Days

As the world of cryptocurrency continues to grow, more and more businesses are beginning to accept it as a form of payment. For those who have invested in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, knowing where and how to spend them is becoming increasingly important.

So where are the best places to spend your cryptocurrency these days? Here are some options:

Several travel companies now accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment for flights, hotels, and vacation packages. Expedia was one of the first major travel companies to start accepting Bitcoin back in 2014. Other companies that now accept crypto include CheapAir, Destinia, and Webjet.

Restaurants all over the world are starting to accept cryptocurrency as well. In fact, several Subway locations in North America now allow customers to pay with Bitcoin through an app called Flexa. Other restaurants that accept crypto include Burger King branches in Venezuela and Canada's Tahini's restaurants.

Some retailers have started accepting cryptocurrency too including which began accepting Bitcoin back in 2014 but has since added other forms of crypto payments such as Ethereum and Litecoin among others.

For those looking for a way give back with their digital currency donations can be made using CryptoCharity or BitGive Foundation platforms.

While there is still uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies due its volatility; these options offer a glimpse into how far cryptocurrencies have come regarding their acceptance by mainstream businesses across various industries.

In conclusion - while not all businesses will immediately adopt this mode of payment yet – it’s safe say that we can expect more merchants will begin offering this option soon enough!