Two migrants found dead on train east of Uvalde; 10 others in need of medical attention

Two migrants were discovered dead on a train traveling eastbound from Eagle Pass to San Antonio, according to a statement from Union Pacific. The incident occurred near Uvalde, Texas.

Upon inspection by local authorities, it was discovered that 10 other individuals were in dire need of immediate medical attention. The identities and nationalities of the deceased have not yet been confirmed.

The discovery was made after Union Pacific employees noticed individuals attempting to jump off the moving train. Authorities believe that these individuals may have been part of a larger group attempting to enter the United States illegally.

Union Pacific has pledged their full cooperation with investigators and expressed their deepest sympathies for those affected by this tragic incident.

This is not the first time that such an occurrence has happened along this route. In June 2018, nine undocumented immigrants died after being trapped inside a sweltering tractor-trailer in San Antonio.

The issue of illegal immigration remains contentious in Texas as well as throughout the United States. This latest event is sure to reignite debates surrounding border security and immigration policies.