Brian Cox Believes Logan Roy From 'Succession' Was Abused as a Child

Brian Cox, the actor who plays Logan Roy in HBO's hit show "Succession," has some insights into his character's background. In a recent interview with The Times of London, Cox shared that he believes Logan was abused as a child.

"He doesn't believe in the human race," said Cox. "That comes from being badly treated when he was young."

Cox also revealed that he thinks Logan started off as a "young hopeful liberal" but became a "right-wing misanthrope." He attributes this transformation to the character's experiences and disappointments throughout his life.

Logan Roy is the patriarch of the powerful and dysfunctional Roy family, which owns and operates Waystar Royco, a global media conglomerate. The show follows their struggles for control over both their company and their personal lives.

"Succession" has received critical acclaim for its portrayal of wealth, power, family dynamics, and corporate intrigue. It has won multiple awards including an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series in 2020.

Fans of the show have eagerly awaited its upcoming third season since it was delayed due to COVID-19. While there is no official release date yet announced, it is expected to premiere later this year on HBO.

Cox's nuanced performance as Logan Roy has been one of the standout elements of "Succession." His exploration into what drives his character's behavior adds another layer to an already complex portrayal.