Chelsea Green Says Her Injuries Showed Her She Was “Much Stronger Mentally”

Professional wrestler Chelsea Green recently shared her thoughts on injuries and the mental strength required to recover from them. Speaking with WWE Die Woche, Green said that her experiences of sustaining and recovering from injuries over her career have given her a new perspective on herself.

According to the 411MANIA website, Green stated that "I know now that I am much stronger mentally than I ever thought possible." She went on to explain how difficult it can be to deal with an injury as a wrestler, both physically and mentally. However, she also noted that going through those challenges has helped her develop more resilience.

Green's comments are especially noteworthy in light of some recent injuries she has faced. In November 2020, she suffered a broken wrist during a match at WWE's NXT brand. Then in April 2021, she suffered another injury – this time breaking her arm during an Impact Wrestling match.

Despite these setbacks, Green remains determined to continue pursuing success in wrestling. As she told Die Woche: "I'm not finished yet."

Green is known for her work in various wrestling promotions including WWE and Impact Wrestling. She began training as a wrestler in Canada before moving onto international stages like Japan's Stardom promotion.

The insight provided by Green into the mental fortitude required by wrestlers is something that fans may not always consider when watching matches or following storylines online. However, it serves as an important reminder of the physical risks involved in this demanding profession - and of the grit needed to persevere through adversity.

As wrestlers like Chelsea Green demonstrate every day, sometimes it takes overcoming setbacks to discover just how strong you really are – both physically and mentally.