China creates a new world order as Biden ignores the threats

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin recently concluded a three-day summit in Moscow last week, where they discussed their shared vision of creating a new world order. As per the Chinese leader, this change is something that has not been seen for 100 years and they are driving it together.

The remarks made by President Jinping have raised concerns about China's growing global influence and its impact on US foreign policy under the Biden administration. While many experts warn of potential security risks posed by China's rise, President Biden appears to be ignoring these threats.

Experts believe that China's efforts to create a new world order could lead to significant changes in international relations. The country aims to become an economic superpower while also expanding its territorial claims across Asia.

China has already been making strides towards achieving its goals through initiatives such as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which seeks to enhance infrastructure connectivity between Asia, Europe, Africa, and beyond. In addition to this, Beijing has also ramped up military spending in recent years while expanding its presence across disputed territories in the South China Sea.

However, despite these warning signs, there seems to be little action from Washington regarding countering or addressing these issues. This lack of response from the US could potentially result in a shift towards Chinese hegemony within the region.

In conclusion, with Xi Jinping's recent comments about creating a new world order alongside Russia raising eyebrows among international experts; it remains to be seen whether Washington will take any steps towards safeguarding American interests amid increased Chinese assertiveness on both economic and military fronts.