Family Organizes Fundraiser for Worker Who Lost Fingers in Cold Stone Creamery Incident

The family of Jordyn, a former employee at a Cold Stone Creamery in Oregon who lost her fingers in an incident, has organized a cheeky fundraiser to help her with medical expenses and other costs.

Jordyn's family is asking people to "lend a hand" in memory of her lost fingers by donating to the fundraiser. They have set up a GoFundMe page and are encouraging people to donate whatever they can.

The incident that led to Jordyn losing her fingers occurred while she was working at the Cold Stone Creamery. Despite the accident, Jordyn was pictured smiling in a photo following the incident – something that many found inspiring.

Jordyn's family is hoping that their fundraising efforts will not only help their loved one but also raise awareness about workplace safety. They believe that no one should have to go through what Jordyn did and want employers across the country to take note of this tragic incident.

"We are so grateful for all of your love and support during this difficult time," said Jordyn's mother. "We hope that our fundraiser will make it easier for Jordyn as she continues on her journey towards recovery."

As news of this tragedy spreads, many people have stepped up to lend their support. The outpouring of generosity from strangers around the world shows just how much people care about those who are struggling – even if they've never met them before.

Jordyn's story serves as a reminder that accidents can happen anywhere – even when we least expect them. But with community support, we can come together and help those who need it most.