Fargo-Moorhead Residents Call for Restoration of Night Sky

Fargo resident, Patrick Sommer, has penned a letter calling for the restoration of the night sky in Fargo-Moorhead. In his letter, Sommer laments that with electric lighting, humans have turned their world into 24/7 daylight.

"The Milky Way is barely visible from nearby Buffalo River State Park and not at all from inside Fargo," writes Sommer.

This sentiment is shared by many residents who long to see the stars twinkle above them once again. The absence of a starry sky can be attributed to light pollution caused by excessive artificial lighting in urban areas.

Several studies have linked light pollution to negative impacts on human health as well as wildlife and ecosystems. It disrupts natural cycles and affects animals' ability to navigate at night.

Residents suggest that reducing outdoor lighting or using lower intensity bulbs could help reduce light pollution in the area. They also urge businesses and homeowners to use shields on outdoor lights so that they shine down instead of up into the sky.

While solutions may seem simple, implementing them will require cooperation from all members of society. However, some argue that preserving our natural environment is worth it.

As one local resident puts it: "We should restore our connection with nature and do what we can to preserve it."

It remains unclear whether officials will act upon these concerns but residents hope their call for action will inspire change across Fargo-Moorhead.