Fargo resident urges restoration of night sky

Fargo-Moorhead residents are being urged to take steps to restore the night sky, according to a letter penned by a local resident.

In the letter, Fargo resident Patrick Sommer highlights the impact of electric lighting on our ability to see the stars. "With electric lighting, we have turned our world into 24/7 daylight," writes Sommer. "Today, the Milky Way is barely visible from nearby Buffalo River State Park, and not at all from inside Fargo."

Sommer argues that this light pollution has negative consequences for both humans and wildlife. For example, it can disrupt sleep patterns in people and migration routes in animals.

To address these issues, Sommer suggests several practical steps that individuals can take such as turning off unnecessary lights at home or using motion sensors for outdoor lighting. He also encourages businesses and governments to consider implementing more responsible lighting practices.

"We need to remember that darkness is an important part of our natural environment," says Sommer. "By taking small steps now, we can help restore the beauty of our night sky for generations to come."

This call-to-action comes at a time when many communities around the world are grappling with how best to manage light pollution while still ensuring public safety and economic growth.

As Fargo-Moorhead residents consider their own role in this issue, they may find inspiration in Sommer's words: "It's up to all of us - individuals, institutions and government leaders - to work together towards restoring balance between day and night."