Florida Charter School Criticized Over Lesson Featuring Michelangelo's David

The Florence museum that houses Michelangelo's Renaissance masterpiece, the David, has invited parents and students from a Florida charter school to visit after complaints about a lesson featuring the statue forced the principal to resign.

According to reports, some parents of students at the school raised concerns over whether or not displaying images of the statue in class was appropriate. Specifically, they questioned if it qualified as pornography.

In response to these concerns, officials at Italy’s Accademia Gallery extended an invitation for those involved in the controversy to come see David up close and personal.

In a statement provided by museum officials on Sunday, they said: “We understand that there may be cultural differences when it comes to nudity in art but we hope that this visit will help clarify any misunderstandings.”

The charter school principal who resigned could not be reached for comment. However, other educators have expressed their disappointment with how this situation played out.

“This is a classic example of censorship and ignorance,” said one teacher who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s important for us as educators to teach our students about different cultures and historical periods without fear of backlash.”

The Accademia Gallery is home not only to David but also numerous other significant works of art from throughout history. Museum officials say they are always happy when people come through their doors with an open mind and willingness to learn.