Former WWE Official Mike Chioda Believes Mandy Rose Could Have Been "Maybe A Trish Stratus" Had She Stayed With The Company

In a recent interview with WrestleBinge, former WWE official Mike Chioda shared his thoughts on Mandy Rose's potential in the wrestling industry. He believes that if she had stayed with WWE, she could have been as successful as legendary wrestler Trish Stratus.

Chioda praised Rose for her accomplishments during her time at WWE and said that he saw great potential in her. He also mentioned how the company had high hopes for her when they first signed her.

"I think [Mandy] was coming along pretty good," Chioda stated. "When I was there, she was really coming into herself."

He then went on to share his theory on what could have happened had Rose chosen to remain with the promotion.

"If she would have stayed there, who knows? Maybe a Trish Stratus," he speculated.

Trish Stratus is considered one of the most successful female wrestlers in WWE history. During her tenure, she won seven Women's Championships and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

Rose left WWE earlier this year after being drafted to Monday Night Raw. Since then, she has been making appearances on various independent wrestling shows and building up her brand outside of the company.

Chioda himself departed from WWE last year after being released due to budget cuts brought about by COVID-19 pandemic-related losses. Despite his departure from the company, it seems like he still keeps tabs on its current happenings and superstars' progressions even outside its walls.

The post featuring Chioda's comments initially appeared on 411MANIA where it garnered significant attention from fans online who voiced their agreement or disagreement regarding whether or not Mandy had what it took to become another Trish Stratus within the world of professional wrestling.