GOP Congresswoman Calls for TikTok Ban, Says App is "An Immediate Threat" from China

In a recent congressional hearing, the CEO of popular social media app TikTok testified before lawmakers regarding concerns over the company's ties to China. But for one GOP congresswoman, the testimony only confirmed her suspicions that the app posed a serious national security threat.

According to Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), TikTok's CEO made it clear during his testimony that the app was "an immediate threat" from China. As a result, McMorris Rodgers has come out in support of banning TikTok altogether.

"It is a national security threat," said McMorris Rodgers of TikTok. "It united Republicans and Democrats on the take action."

TikTok has faced mounting scrutiny in recent months over its Chinese ownership and data privacy policies. Critics allege that user data collected by the app could be shared with or used by the Chinese government for nefarious purposes.

While some lawmakers have called for increased oversight or regulation of apps like TikTok, others have gone further and advocated for an outright ban on their use by federal employees or even all Americans.

As tensions between China and other countries continue to rise over issues ranging from trade to cybersecurity, it seems likely that concerns over apps like TikTok will only grow stronger in Washington D.C. In light of Rep. McMorris Rodgers' comments, it remains to be seen whether other members of Congress will follow her lead in calling for a total ban on this popular social media platform.