McConnell Leaves Rehab Facility After Therapy for Concussion

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has left an inpatient rehabilitation facility after receiving physical therapy for a concussion he sustained from a fall during a dinner on March 8.

According to his spokesperson, David Popp, "Senator McConnell has been discharged from the hospital and is grateful to the doctors and nurses who took care of him."

The 79-year-old senator was admitted to the hospital shortly after falling at his Kentucky home. He underwent surgery for a fractured shoulder and received treatment for a concussion.

Following his surgery, Senator McConnell was transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation facility where he received physical therapy to aid in his recovery. The senator's office stated that he was making progress and expected to return home soon.

McConnell has served as Senate Minority Leader since January 2021. He previously held the position of Senate Majority Leader from 2015 until January of this year.

There has been no confirmation yet on when Senator McConnell will resume his duties as Senate Minority Leader or if there will be any changes in his schedule given his recent health concerns.

We wish Senator Mitch McConnell all the best as he continues with his recovery process.