Mike Chioda Thinks That Mandy Rose Could Have Been “Maybe A Trish Stratus” Had She Stayed With WWE

Former WWE official, Mike Chioda recently spoke about Mandy Rose's potential had she stayed with the company in an interview with WrestleBinge. The discussion centered around Mandy Rose's accomplishments and how far she could have gone if she had remained with the promotion.

Chioda praised Rose for her work ethic, stating that she always put in extra effort to improve her skills. He also acknowledged that during her time in WWE, Rose had consistently showcased a lot of promise and was well-liked by fans.

When asked about what he thought would have happened if Rose stayed in WWE, Chioda theorized that she could have become "maybe a Trish Stratus," referring to one of the most iconic female wrestlers of all time.

Chioda's comments come after news broke out earlier this year that Mandy Rose was released from her contract with WWE. Despite being one of the most popular stars on SmackDown Live at the time, it appeared as though creative differences led to her departure from the company.

While it remains unclear what future holds for Mandy Rose outside of WWE, many fans are speculating on where they might see her next. Her talent and charisma are undeniable – making it possible for other promotions to take notice and offer opportunities.

Overall, Mike Choida believes that Mady has a bright future ahead of herself regardless of whether or not continues working within wrestling industry - citing dedication to craft as key factor behind anyone’s success story!