NYC Bill to Ban Size Discrimination Appears Poised for Passage

New York City is set to become the first city in the United States to ban size discrimination. A new bill, which would make height and weight a protected class, is gaining momentum in the city council and appears poised for passage.

If passed, the bill would outlaw discrimination based on a person's weight or height in jobs, housing, and public accommodations. This means that employers will no longer be able to refuse employment based on an individual's size or weight. Similarly, landlords will not be able to deny housing based on an applicant’s height or weight.

The proposed legislation has gained widespread support from advocacy groups across New York City. The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD) praised the bill as a "step forward" in promoting body positivity and preventing eating disorders.

"We know that people who experience size discrimination are at higher risk for developing eating disorders," said ANAD spokesperson Susan Ringwood. "This bill sends a message that everyone deserves equal treatment regardless of their body type."

In addition to New York City's efforts, some states are also looking into issues related to size discrimination. California recently passed similar legislation banning employment-based discrimination against individuals with natural hairstyles like dreadlocks or braids.

If successful in New York City, advocates hope this legislation could pave the way for other cities across America to pass similar laws protecting individuals from unfair treatment due solely on their physical appearance.