San Francisco Couple Forced to Remove Little Free Library From Sidewalk or Face Fine

San Francisco officials have ordered a couple to remove their sidewalk "obstruction" or pay a fine of $1,400. The object in question is a little free library that the couple installed outside their home.

The little free library movement has gained popularity in recent years as people set up small book-sharing boxes in front of their homes. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, the city of San Francisco has been cracking down on unpermitted objects that interfere with public ways.

The couple received a notice from the city informing them that they had 30 days to remove the little free library from the sidewalk. They were also told that if they failed to comply with this order, they would be fined $1,400.

The couple says they are disappointed by this decision and believe it will negatively impact their community. They argue that their little free library promotes literacy and encourages neighbors to interact with each other.

However, city officials maintain that these types of obstructions can pose safety hazards for pedestrians and those with disabilities who rely on clear sidewalks for mobility.

This is not the first time San Francisco has cracked down on unpermitted objects obstructing public ways. In 2019, the city ordered residents to remove electric scooters from sidewalks after complaints about cluttered walkways and unsafe conditions.

As for now, it appears as though the little free library will have be removed from its current location unless proper permits are obtained.