Thomas Hall Shares his Review on AEW Rampage 3.25.23

In the latest edition of AEW Rampage, wrestling fans were treated to an action-packed night, and renowned journalist Thomas Hall has shared his review of the event.

Hall's review covers all aspects of the show, from start to finish, highlighting some of the most memorable moments that took place during AEW Rampage.

According to Hall's analysis, this week's episode was a solid one that featured several exciting matches and unforgettable moments that kept viewers engaged throughout.

One notable highlight was a match featuring two fan-favorite wrestlers who gave it their all in what turned out to be an electrifying bout. Another standout moment occurred when one wrestler delivered a surprise attack on their opponent outside the ring.

Overall, Hall gave high praise for AEW Rampage 3.25.23., noting that it showcased why All Elite Wrestling is quickly becoming one of the world’s top professional wrestling promotions.

The post by 411MANIA provides fans with a great summary and insight into what they can expect from this week’s episode while also giving them a taste of what went down during last Friday night’s broadcast.

So if you missed out on watching AEW Rampage or are simply looking for an expert opinion before tuning in again next week, be sure to check out Thomas Hall's review today!