Trump calls for "final battle in 2024" in first official campaign rally

Donald Trump has officially launched his 2024 presidential campaign with a rally held in Waco, Texas on Saturday. In his speech, the former president called for a "final battle" to take place during the next election cycle.

This comes just one week after Trump made headlines by claiming that he would be arrested soon. Despite this, he appeared confident and optimistic about his chances of winning another term as President.

During the rally, Trump criticized President Biden's handling of various issues such as immigration and COVID-19. He also attacked other prominent Democrats including Vice President Kamala Harris and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Trump's supporters were out in full force at the event, many of them donning MAGA hats and carrying signs echoing his call for a "final battle." The former president promised to continue fighting for conservative values and claimed that America had become weaker under Biden's leadership.

As usual, Trump's speech was punctuated with applause lines and fiery rhetoric. He invoked familiar themes from his previous campaigns such as law-and-order and patriotism. He also emphasized the importance of protecting American jobs and industries from foreign competition.

Overall, it was clear that Donald Trump is still very much interested in politics despite being out of office since January. His decision to hold an official campaign rally so early shows that he is serious about running again in 2024 – whether or not he actually ends up being arrested remains to be seen.