1 Hospitalized, 1 in Custody After Shooting in West End

1 Hospitalized, 1 in Custody After Shooting in West End

Cincinnati police reported a shooting incident that occurred on Linn Street last Monday evening. One person was hospitalized after sustaining gunshot wounds during an altercation.

According to the authorities, an off-duty firefighter was near the area and immediately performed CPR to the victim before medical crews arrived at the scene. The victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, was then transported to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

The police have taken one person into custody following the shooting incident. The identity of the suspect has not been released at this time.

Residents in West End expressed their concern over recent incidents of violence happening in their community. Many are calling for increased police presence and stricter measures to address gun violence.

In a statement issued by Cincinnati Police Department spokesperson Sergeant Eric Franz, he said "We take every instance of gun violence seriously and will continue working with our partners in law enforcement to bring those who commit these crimes to justice."

The investigation is still ongoing, and anyone with information regarding this case is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at (513) 352-3040 or submit tips online through their website.


Cases of gun violence remain prevalent across various communities despite efforts made by law enforcement agencies. The recent shooting incident that occurred on Linn Street further highlights how important it is for residents and authorities alike to collaborate towards implementing effective solutions against these issues.