Families of Three Men Hold Vigil After Fatal Drug Overdoses in New Rochelle

The families of three men who lost their lives to drug overdoses gathered for a candlelight vigil on Saturday evening. The fourth man is still fighting for his life at the hospital.

The deaths occurred in the city of New Rochelle, where drug abuse has been an ongoing problem. The community came together to mourn these tragic losses and support each other during this difficult time.

At the vigil, family members shared stories about their loved ones and how they were impacted by addiction. They urged others struggling with substance abuse to seek help before it's too late.

"We need to come together as a community and address this issue," said one speaker at the event. "We cannot let any more lives be lost."

Police are still investigating the source of the drugs that led to these overdoses, but it serves as a reminder of how dangerous drug use can be.

"Our hearts go out to these families who have suffered such devastating losses," said Mayor Noam Bramson in a statement released after the event. "We must continue our efforts to combat drug abuse and provide resources for those in need."

The city has implemented several initiatives aimed at reducing drug use, including increased access to treatment programs and education campaigns focused on prevention.

As we continue through this difficult time, it is important that we support one another and work towards finding solutions that can save lives.

Names withheld upon request.