Former French President François Hollande Blames Emmanuel Macron for Ongoing Riots in France

Former French President François Hollande has accused his successor, Emmanuel Macron, of being responsible for the ongoing riots in France. According to him, the unrest is a direct result of Macron's policies and leadership.

The riots began last week after a proposal by Macron to raise fuel taxes was announced. Despite the government's decision to suspend the tax hike for six months, protests have continued to escalate with demonstrators now demanding broader economic reforms.

In an interview with a local news channel on Monday evening, Hollande criticized Macron for not doing enough to address the grievances of ordinary citizens. He stated that "the current situation is a consequence of Mr. Macron's policies" and added that "he needs to show more sensitivity towards people who are struggling."

Hollande also questioned Macron's ability to lead the country through this crisis and called on him to engage in dialogue with protesters. He suggested that “a president should be able listen [to] those who express themselves” rather than ignoring their concerns.

Meanwhile, many political analysts have applauded Hollande’s comments as they highlight growing discontent within France over economic inequality and lack of opportunity.

The government has responded by saying it remains committed to reforming its economy despite widespread opposition from labor unions and other interest groups.

As tensions continue to rise across France, it remains unclear how long these protests will last or what impact they will ultimately have on President Emmanuel Macro’s administration.