"Hud" Filming Location Revealed: The Classic Movie Was Shot in Texas

The 1963 classic movie, "Hud," has been a fan favorite for decades. Starring Paul Newman, Melvyn Douglas, and Patricia Neal, the film tells the story of an unscrupulous cowboy who clashes with his father over their differing values. While many fans have wondered where the movie was filmed, it turns out that the answer lies in Texas.

Director Martin Ritt chose to shoot "Hud" on location in various parts of Texas, including Claude and Amarillo. The iconic opening sequence features a panoramic shot of the flatlands near Claude as Newman's character drives down a long stretch of highway.

In an interview with Variety magazine at the time of filming, Ritt praised Texas for its natural beauty and hospitality towards filmmakers. He stated that shooting on location allowed him to capture the authenticity of rural life in America's heartland.

The small town of Claude still basks in its connection to "Hud." In fact, every year since 2013 they host a Hudfest event celebrating their place in Hollywood history. The festival includes showings of classic films along with live music and food vendors.

For those wanting to take a pilgrimage to see where "Hud" was filmed themselves can visit locations such as Cadillac Ranch just outside Amarillo or drive along Route 66 through Adrian (also featured prominently).

While Hollywood may be synonymous with filmmaking for many people around the world , sometimes it is places like Claude that truly make movies come alive on screen - especially when they are made by talented directors like Martin Ritt!