Iconic La Choy Factory in Detroit to be Demolished

The blighted La Choy factory in Detroit, which changed how Americans ate, is finally coming down. The iconic factory was once a symbol of prosperity and innovation, but years of neglect have turned it into an eyesore.

As one of the first companies to introduce Chinese-style cuisine to American homes, La Choy became a household name in the mid-20th century. Its signature product, canned chop suey and chow mein noodles with soy sauce, was an instant hit among consumers who were looking for quick and tasty meals.

However, as the food industry evolved and consumer tastes changed over time, La Choy struggled to keep up. The company was bought and sold multiple times over the years until its eventual demise in 1995.

The factory itself remained vacant for decades afterward, falling into disrepair and becoming a hub for criminal activity. Despite several attempts by developers to revive the property or repurpose it for other uses – such as housing or commercial space – no viable solutions were found.

Now that demolition has been approved by city officials, there is hope that this once-iconic site can be transformed into something new – perhaps even a symbol of rebirth for Detroit's struggling economy.

According to local authorities involved with overseeing its demolition process - "Over the years since its closure back in 1995 when the company went bankrupted due to increased competition from other brands offering similar products at lower prices; The la choy factory had passed through various hands but none could bring back its glory days."

With work set to begin soon on taking down what remains at this location left behind by former business giants like Beatrice Foods Company who also purchased Chun King brand from R.J Reynolds Industries Inc., all stakeholders are hopeful that something positive will come out of this effort - whether it's through rejuvenation of surrounding areas or creation more jobs opportunities within the community.

As one of the last remnants of Detroit's industrial past, the La Choy factory will be missed by those who remember its heyday. But with its demolition comes the promise of a brighter future for this once-great city.