Miss Manners Addresses Proper Response to Fashion Details

In today's fashion-forward society, it is not uncommon for friends and acquaintances to share their latest fashion finds or details with one another. However, many people are left wondering what the proper response should be.

Enter Miss Manners, the renowned etiquette expert who has been answering readers' questions for decades. She recently addressed this very topic in her column and provided some helpful guidance on how to respond appropriately.

First and foremost, Miss Manners emphasized the importance of being gracious when someone shares a fashion detail with you. She advises responding positively by saying something like "That sounds lovely" or "What a great find!"

However, if you don't particularly care for the item or detail being shared with you, Miss Manners suggests finding a polite way to redirect the conversation without offending your friend or acquaintance. For example, you could say something along the lines of "I'm glad that works well for you. Speaking of clothes though, have you seen any good deals lately?"

Miss Manners also reminds readers that sharing unsolicited opinions on someone else's fashion choices is never appropriate. Instead, she recommends keeping negative thoughts to oneself and only offering feedback if specifically asked for it.

For those seeking additional advice on matters of etiquette and manners, Miss Manners can be reached through her website at www.missmanners.com or via email at [email protected].