Nicholas Braun Talks About Greg's Future in 'Succession' Season 4 Premiere

HBO's hit show, Succession, is back with its fourth and final season. Fans of the show have been eagerly waiting for the premiere episode, "The Munsters," which aired on Sunday night.

In the episode, viewers saw Tom Wambsgan (Matthew Macfadyen) snitching on his wife Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook), and her brothers Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin). The trio had teamed up against their father Logan Roy.

Apart from this intriguing storyline, one character who caught everyone's attention was Greg Hirsch (Nicholas Braun). In an interview after the premiere episode, Nicholas Braun talked about what fans can expect from Greg in this final season.

According to Braun, his character will play a more significant role in this season. He said that it is going to be a "big" and "more bold" season for Greg. He also added that audiences will see him making some significant decisions throughout the series.

When asked about how he felt about wrapping up four seasons of Succession, Braun said it was bittersweet. He stated that he has grown so much as an actor through this process and learned a lot from working with such talented people. However, he also expressed sadness over saying goodbye to his character.

Braun's performance as Greg Hirsch has earned him critical acclaim since day one of the show airing. His portrayal of a young man trying to find his place among powerful figures like Logan Roy and his children has been both relatable and entertaining for audiences around the world.

As we head towards what promises to be an explosive finale for HBO’s “Succession,” fans can look forward to seeing more of Nicholas Braun’s captivating performance as Gregory Hirsch when new episodes air every Sunday night at 9 pm ET/PT on HBO or streaming via HBO Max.