NYPD Officers Shoot Knife-Wielding Man in Kingsbridge Section of Bronx

In the early hours of this morning, an incident occurred in the Kingsbridge section of Bronx resulting in police officers shooting a knife-wielding man. According to reports, the man's father had informed police that his son had made threats against law enforcement officials.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) responded to a call from the father and arrived at the scene on West 238th Street at around 3:30 am. A confrontation between the officers and the suspect ensued, with witnesses stating that they heard loud shouting before multiple gunshots were fired.

Officers reportedly ordered the man to drop his weapon several times before opening fire. The suspect was transported to St. Barnabas Hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Police say that prior to their arrival, the suspect's father stated that his son had threatened violence against any law enforcement officials who showed up at their residence. "If any cops show up here today, I will kill them," were allegedly his exact words.

As per standard protocol for these types of incidents, NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau is conducting an investigation into whether or not proper procedures were followed during this encounter between police officers and a member of public wielding a dangerous weapon.

This incident comes amid ongoing protests across America regarding police brutality and use-of-force tactics by law enforcement officials. However, it is yet unclear if this particular case falls under such circumstances as more details are yet to be disclosed by authorities involved.

Further updates on this story will be provided as more information becomes available.