'Ride': Showrunner Sherri Cooper-Landsman On Hallmark Drama’s Similarities To ‘Yellowstone’ And Her Future With The Rodeo Series

The new Hallmark drama series, 'Ride', premiered on March 26 and has already garnered attention for its similarities to the hit show 'Yellowstone'. In an exclusive interview with showrunner Sherri Cooper-Landsman, she shared her thoughts on the comparisons and teased what fans can expect from future episodes.

'Ride' takes place on a ranch that is struggling financially after the death of one of its members. The story follows the family as they navigate their grief while also dealing with various personal issues. Alongside this emotional storyline, viewers are treated to some eye candy in the form of attractive characters decked out in cowboy gear.

When asked about the comparisons to 'Yellowstone', Cooper-Landsman acknowledged that both shows share a similar setting and themes of family dynamics and power struggles. However, she emphasized that 'Ride' focuses more on rodeo culture and "the people who make it happen".

Cooper-Landsman also hinted at what fans can expect from upcoming episodes. She promised more action-packed scenes featuring rodeos and hinted at potential romantic developments between certain characters.

As for her future with the show, Cooper-Landsman expressed excitement about continuing to work on 'Ride'. She described it as a passion project and praised Hallmark for giving her creative freedom.

Overall, it seems like fans have much to look forward to with this new series. With its compelling storyline and attractive cast, 'Ride' is sure to captivate audiences in the coming weeks.