‘Ride’ Showrunner Talks Similarities to ‘Yellowstone’ and Future of Rodeo Series

Sherri Cooper-Landsman, the showrunner of Hallmark's new drama series 'Ride', has stated that the show shares similarities with Paramount Network's hit drama 'Yellowstone'.

In an exclusive interview with our team, Cooper-Landsman revealed that both shows explore themes such as family dynamics, loyalty and traditions. She also mentioned that both shows feature strong female characters who are trying to navigate through a male-dominated world.

'Ride' premiered on March 26th on the Hallmark Channel. The show takes place on a bucolic but cash-strapped ranch run by Kit Bridges (played by Natalie Lisinska), a widowed parent who struggles to keep the ranch running after losing her husband in a rodeo accident.

The premiere episode saw Kit lose another beloved family member, which sets up the rest of season one for emotional turmoil and challenges for her character. All while everyone looks straight-up sexy in their Wranglers and cowboy boots.

When asked about what viewers can expect from future episodes, Cooper-Landsman said that there will be more focus on the rodeo aspect of the series. She added that they have worked hard to make sure all aspects of rodeo culture are portrayed authentically.

Cooper-Landsman also hinted at potential storylines involving romance and love triangles between characters in upcoming episodes.

As for her future with 'Ride', Cooper-Landsman expressed excitement about working on more seasons if given the opportunity. She loves exploring themes related to family and tradition through this western-themed drama series.

Overall, it seems like fans of 'Yellowstone' may want to give 'Ride' a chance as it promises similar themes amidst beautiful scenery and attractive cast members donning cowboy attire.