'Succession' Season 4 Premiere: Nicholas Braun On A "Big" & "More Bold" Final Season For Greg

The highly anticipated fourth season of HBO’s hit drama series ‘Succession’ premiered on Sunday night, and fans were not disappointed. The episode titled “The Munsters” kicked off with a bang, as Tom Wambsgan (Matthew Macfadyen) snitched on his wife Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook), and her brothers Kendall (Jeremy Strong) and Roman (Kieran Culkin), revealing that the trio was plotting against their father Logan Roy.

But it's not just the main characters who are in for some big changes this season. Actor Nicholas Braun, who plays fan-favorite character Greg Hirsch, teased that viewers can expect a more bold final season for his character.

In an interview with Deadline following the premiere episode, Braun shared his excitement about what’s to come for Greg.

“Greg is in a big place this year; he’s got some more responsibility,” said Braun. “Things get even crazier than they’ve been before.”

Braun also revealed that he had no idea how the new season would play out until he read the script.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I read [the script], but it was so good,” said Braun. “It feels like we’re all taking bigger swings this year.”

Fans of ‘Succession’ have long speculated about where each character's story will end up by the series finale. But according to Braun, even the actors themselves are kept in suspense until each script is released.

“We don’t know where it’s going either,” said Braun. “We find out when we get our scripts.”

‘Succession’ has been praised for its sharp writing and strong ensemble cast since its debut in 2018. The show follows media mogul Logan Roy (Brian Cox) as he navigates business dealings and family drama with his four children.

With the promise of a more bold and crazy final season for Greg, it seems like the show is only going to get better from here. ‘Succession’ airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.